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San Diego Union-Tribune

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Alianza North County

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LGBTQ San Diego

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San Diego County Probation Officers Association

CalFire Local 2881

Escondido Firefighters Union
Endorsed! (Unanimously!)

San Diegans Against Crime 

San Diego Deputy District Attorneys Association

IBEW Local Union 569
Int Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in San Diego & Imperial Counties

Engage San Diego Action Fund

UA Local 230
United Association of Plumbers, Steamfitters & HVAC/R in San Diego & Imperial Counties

Ironworkers Local 229
Int. Association of Bridge and Structural Ironworkers in San Diego & Imperial Counties

Teamsters 911 San Diego

League of Conservation Voters

Climate Defenders Action Fund

Latinas Lead California

Planned Parenthood Action Fund of the Pacific Southwest
Rated 100% Pro-Planned Parenthood

Run Women Run!

San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association

San Diego County Young Dems

North County Young Democrats

Escondido Young Democrats

YIMBY Democratic Club of San Diego County

Veterans Democratic Club of San Diego County

Black Mountain Dem Club

Carmel Valley Dems Club

Rancho Penasquitos Dem Club

Poway Dem Club

Fallbrook Dem Club

University City Dem Club

Escondido Dem Club
Endorsed! (Unanimously!)


Escondido Mobile/Manufactured Home Positive Action Committee (EMPAC) Endorsed!

Escondido Chamber of Concerned Citizens


Democrats for Equality
Top vote-getter &
Rated Acceptable

Rancho Bernardo Dem Club
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Rated Acceptable

Encinitas and N. Coast Dem Club
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Rated Acceptable 

Dem Club of Carlsbad, Oceanside
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Rated Acceptable 

Democratic Woman’s Club
Rated Acceptable

Martin Luther King, Jr. Dem Club
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San Diego Labor Dem Club
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Rated Acceptable


Elected Officials

Nathan Fletcher

“Olga Diaz is the kind of progressive leader we need on the County Board of Supervisors. I have worked closely with her for over a decade and know she has the governing experience, passion, values, and commitment needed to drive change at the County. She has my full support.”

Nathan Fletcher
San Diego County Supervisor

“Olga Diaz is the only choice for District 3 County Board of Supervisors. Olga is unrivaled in her years of experience making a real impact for our residents; her depth of knowledge on policy issues relevant to San Diego County and deep compassion for the people of District 3. Olga Diaz will not only fight for the environment, the most vulnerable and for equality, but she will ensure that our children have a better and brighter future.”

Tasha Boerner Horvath
California State Assemblymember

Tasha Boerner-Horvath
Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher

“Olga Diaz is the tough, tested, and progressive advocate we need on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. I trust Olga to fight for policies that will empower working families, expand opportunities for our youth, safeguard our most vulnerable, and protect the natural beauty that helps to define our region. I believe Olga Diaz represents the Democratic Party’s best hope of winning this important election for County Supervisor, and I urge you to join me in supporting her campaign.”

Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher
California State Assemblywoman

“Tough, thoughtful, progressive, and effective are the words I would use to describe Olga Diaz. She has a demonstrated ability to bring people together and she’s never been afraid to stand her ground and drive real change. Olga Diaz represents the very best of San Diego County, and I am excited to endorse her campaign.” 

Georgette Gomez
City of San Diego Council President

Georgette Gomez
Catherine Blakespear

“I support Olga because she’s proven herself to be a principled decision maker committed to tackling our biggest challenges. During her 10 years in elected office, she’s been a leader in creating a cleaner environment and pursuing economic and housing justice. I know Olga will fight for our residents in Encinitas and she will be an important and effective member of the Board of Supervisors.”

Catherine Blakespear
Mayor of Encinitas

“After listening to her speak, I am committed to helping her win. The San Diego Board of Supervisors controls a lot of money in our region and we can do better! Heart, integrity, commitment, and smarts…Olga Diaz has my vote!”

Jody Hubbard
Encinitas City Councilmember

Jody Hubbard
Kellie Shay Hinze

“With great pride, I announce my support for Olga Diaz, candidate to be our next Third District Supervisor. Olga impressed me (and so many others) with a proven dedication to servant-leadership and exceptional competence. For ten years, Olga has served her community as a Councilmember for the City of Escondido. Looking forward to supporting Olga Diaz through the months and years to follow.” 

Kellie Shay Hinze
Encinitas City Councilmember

“Olga Diaz’s experiences – as a local City Councilmember, business owner, and environmental leader – give her a unique and important set of perspectives. San Diego County will be well served by Olga’s leadership, just as Escondido has been for the past decade, and I am excited to announce my full support of her campaign.”

Tony Kranz
Encinitas City Councilmember

Corinna Contreras “Olga Diaz is an exemplary public servant who has a long record fighting to improve and protect our quality of life in San Diego County. I trust Olga to advance policies that protect our natural environment, expand opportunities for youth, empower working families, and celebrate the diversity of our region. I am proud to add my name to the long list of local leaders who are supporting Olga’s campaign for Supervisor.”

Corinna Contreras
City Councilmember, City of Vista

“Rarely have I come across a more thoughtful, ethical, proactive, and dedicated public servant as Olga Diaz. She digs deep into the heart of issues and isn’t afraid to take a stand for what is right. With over a decade of experience and a deep connection and commitment to our communities in North County, she will hit the ground running on the Board of Supervisors as the District 3 representative. I am thrilled to support Olga and hope you will join me!”

Cori Schumacher
Carlsbad City Council Member

Cori Schumacher
Priya Bhat-Patel “Olga Diaz will be a tenacious leader representing District 3 on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. Olga’s vision, experience, and commitment to serve the community are inspiring. As a region, we will benefit from the solutions Olga has to offer, especially for our marginalized community members. I hope you will join me in supporting Olga! “

Dr. Priya Bhat-Patel
Mayor Pro Tem of Carlsbad

“I’ve known Olga Diaz before she began her public service and it’s refreshing to know that her values and ethics are as strong as the first day she took office. In over a decade that she has served, Olga has led with her values, heart, and always does her homework. Olga Diaz is a hard worker with experience and understanding of the complex issues facing our region. I know Olga will continue to serve our region with pride. I’m excited to support Olga Diaz for County Supervisor District 3.” 

Consuelo Martinez
Deputy Mayor, City of Escondido

Consuelo Martinez
Alejandra Sotelo-Solis

“Olga Diaz is committed to finding long term solutions to the problems facing our county, and she understands the importance of listening and building consensus in order to get things done. I believe Olga is the right candidate for Supervisor, and I am proud to add my name to the growing list of local leaders who are supporting her.”

Alejandra Sotelo-Solis
Mayor of National City

“I am supporting Olga Diaz because she has the experience and determination needed to make a difference. As a local City Councilmember, Olga has protected open space, made neighborhoods safer, and expanded youth programs. I can’t wait to see what she does on the Board of Supervisors.”

Mary Salas
Mayor of Chula Vista

Mary Salas

“Olga Diaz is a visionary leader who is ready to advocate for quality of life improvements in the Third District. Her proven track record of getting things done to support housing affordability, economic prosperity and environmental protection initiatives is commendable. This is why I encourage voters in the Third District to support Olga and elect her to the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.”

Racquel Vásquez
Mayor of Lemon Grove

“Olga Diaz works hard, tells the truth, and always stands up for those who need the most help. As a County Supervisor, I trust that Olga won’t get distracted by partisan games and infighting; instead, she will focus on improving the lives of the diverse communities that she represents. I am excited to announce my endorsement of her campaign.”

Mona Rios
City Councilmember, National City

Mona Rios
“Olga Diaz has been fighting for the people of North County for more than 10 years and she has the battle scars to prove it. This is a pivotal time for our County, and in the coming years policy decision will be made with regard to housing, transit, and the environment that will set a course for generations to come. This is why we need Olga as our Supervisor in District 3, and why I give her my strongest endorsement. She knows the issues, she’ll protect and enhance what we love about our region, and she’s not afraid to fight.”

Randy Walton
San Marcos City Councilmember

“Olga Diaz has a proven record of fighting for progressive policies to protect our beaches and coastline, expand access to youth programs, and make local government more transparent. On the Board of Supervisors, Olga will protect the things that make San Diego County such an awesome place to live, and I’m proud to support her.”

Serge Dedina
Mayor of Imperial Beach

“Olga Diaz will make a great County Supervisor– one who is thoughtful, fair, and laser-focused on helping the communities she is elected to serve. I am proud to join with education and community leaders throughout San Diego County in supporting this important campaign.”

Michelle O’Connor-Ratcliff
Vice-President, Poway Unified School District Board

“I’m supporting Olga Diaz for Supervisor because she has an unmatched record of supporting San Diego County’s kids and families. Olga is smart, hardworking, and committed to policies that will uplift and empower our next generation.”

Dr. Darshana Patel
President, Poway Unified School District Board

Jennifer Mendoza
Olga Diaz is exactly the kind of leader San Diego County needs right now. She has the know-how and work ethic that is needed to be effective, and we can trust her to advance policies that make county government more responsive, fair, and transparent.”

Jennifer Mendoza
Lemon Grove City Councilmember

“As a member of the California Coastal Commission, I had the opportunity to serve with Olga Diaz and witness her commitment to protecting the things that make California such a special place to live. I know Olga Diaz will make an effective County Supervisor. She’s passionate, patient, and motivated to serve in public office for all the right reasons. I’m proud to support her campaign.

Roberto Uranga
Long Beach City Councilmember


California State Treasurer, Fiona Ma

California State Insurance Commissioner, Ricardo Lara

Mayor Dave Zito, Solana Beach

City Councilmember Joe Mosca, Encinitas

Mayor Pro Tem David Arambula, Lemon Grove

City Councilmember Vivian Moreno, City of San Diego

City Councilmember Stephen Padilla, Chula Vista

City Councilmember María Nuñez, San Marcos

School District Board President Beth Hergesheimer, San Dieguito Union High School

School District Board Member Doug Paulson, Escondido Union School District

Palomar College Board Member John Halcon, Palomar College Board of Trustees

School District Board Member Joe Muga, Escondido Union School District

School District Board Member Georgine Tomasi, Escondido Union School District

School District Board Member Martha Trevizo Alvarado, Vista Unified

Former Deputy Mayor of Encinitas, Lisa Shaffer

School District Board Member Stacey Carlson, San Marcos Unified

California State Assemblymember, Speaker, Anthony Rendon

Support from Community Leaders, Activists, Environmentalists, Teachers, Business Owners, and Land Use Advocates

Pam Albergo

Marisa Allen

Kirsten Andelman Simon

Jacqueline Arsivaud

Bob Ayers & Theresa Beauchamp

Patricia Borchmann

Joe Bretillo

Jim & Linda Brown

Steve Burrell

Frank Carrillo

Mary Clarke

Hannah Cohen

Gloria Conejo

Tom & Nancy Cowan

Greg Dean

Margaret Dooley-Sammuli

Denise Moreno Ducheny

James Elia

Bernardo Ferdman

Lee Finney

Dehbi Fleming

Ann Force & Sanford Sherman

Dan Forster

Kat Fukuyama & Joe Dusel

Roger Garcia

George Gastil

Dorothy Gesick

Don Greene

Jerry Harmon

Pamela & John Heatherington

Karen Heumann

Laura Hunter & Ron Forster

Samm Hurst

Christine Jackson

Danny Jackson

Adam Kaye

Margaret Kay Guy

Rob Knecht

Brian LaMere

Niel Lynch

Nancy Maldonado

Joe Masso

Andrew Miklusicak & Steven Yu

Richard Miller

Alex Montoya

Ernie & Gretchen Moreno

Dave Myers

Chris Nava

Gretchen Newsom

Arcela Nunez-Alvarez

Diane Nygaard

Michael O’Connor

Heidi Paul

Bonnie B. Price, Ph.D.

Keefe Reuther

Renee Richetts

Tevan Riedel

Marcelle Rossman

Rosalia Salinas

Suzi Sandore

Patricia Sinay

Carol Skilijan

Kevin Stevenson

Kathleen & James F. Stiven

Diane Summers

Maureen Sweeney

Timothy Swift

Barbara Takahara

Francisco Tamayo

Brenda Townsend

Melinda Vasquez

Ana Marie Velasco

Liz White

Linda Wilkinson

Brian Willey

Ronette Youmans

Click here for a list of Sierra Club activists and leaders who endorse Olga Diaz for Supervisor!

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