There is no greater priority than mitigating the effects of climate change and protecting our environment. Without a liveable planet, nothing else matters. I am honored by the strong showing of support for our campaign from environmental leaders and activists throughout San Diego County. Many of these women and men have watched me champion environmental projects and fight special interests in my 11 years of service on Escondido City Council and in my service on county-wide boards and advisory committees. Their support validates my efforts and fuels my ongoing commitment to environmental justice and preservation.


“Olga shares the Sierra Club vision for a strong Climate Action Plan not only for Escondido but for the County as well. She has spent years in service to our community working to protect the environment and to defend working families.”

Suzi Sandore
North County Sierra Club leader

“Olga has been an unrelenting champion of the environment, public health, and environmental justice for 10 years on the Escondido City Council. There is no better candidate for our D3 Supervisor” 

Laura Hunter
North County Sierra Club Conservation leader

“Olga Diaz is a passionate and committed advocate for San Diego County’s natural environment, and she has a proven record of advancing progressive public policies aimed at combatting climate change, protecting our coastline, preserving open space, and guaranteeing clean air and water. I’m excited to support Olga, and I can’t wait to see what she does on the Board of Supervisors.” 

Dave Grubb
Board Member League of Conservation Voters and Sierra Club activist




Ana Marie Velasco

Chris Nava

Danny Jackson

Jerry Harmon

Linda Stanwood

Ron Forster

Pam Heatherington

Patricia Borchmann

Tim Swift

Diane Nygaard

John Heatherington

Mary Clarke

Jacqueline Arvisaud

Dorothy Gesick

Kathy Muckley

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