County government has been passive about solving serious issues. As three term Escondido City Councilmember, my experience in local government and in a tough political climate has prepared me for this challenge. I first ran for office to push back against a City Council that did not care about social justice and equality, and I knew I had to do something about it. Now, more than a decade later, I’m proud of the transformation we’ve achieved in Escondido, and I’m ready to bring my passion for helping people and 10+ years of local governing experience to the county level.

I will fight to:

Safeguard our Beaches and Coastline

As an former alternate of the CA Coastal Commission, I helped protect our coastline from devastating development and prepare for sea level rise caused by climate change. Under my leadership on the City Council, Escondido became California’s inland-most city to publicly oppose the Trump administration’s attempt to resume offshore drilling. On the Board of Supervisors, I will fight for policies to preserve our beaches and coastline for future generations to enjoy. Click here to see a list of Sierra Club Activists who support me.

Make San Diego a Leader on Climate Action

I have fought to make sure our local government is doing everything in its power to combat climate change and look forward to bringing this fight to the Board of Supervisors. I am a strong proponent of community choice energy programs, and am currently leading the effort to make Escondido’s Climate Action Plan the most ambitious in the region. As a County Supervisor, I will support a complete overhaul of the county’s Climate Action Plan to aggressively reduce emissions and set measurable climate stabilization goals that will make us leaders in the state.

Reduce Chronic Homelessness

I believe that our response to the current homelessness crisis must address the root causes of homelessness while getting people the help they need and deserve. As a County Supervisor, I will take concrete actions such as increasing intake space, adding emergency beds, and expanding substantive social services and PERT teams available around the clock.

Increase Housing Options to Promote Affordability

It’s clear that our county needs more housing to help address issues of affordability. Lack of affordable housing affects people of all ages and backgrounds, including seniors, veterans, and young families looking for a starter home. We need practical solutions now. We deserve a smart, strategic approach that considers proximity to transit and employment centers while encouraging local governments to work with developers to build more housing. I believe we must facilitate this development by streamlining the project approval process, identifying space (including publicly owned parcels) for workforce housing development, and encouraging large scale employers to build housing on site for employees.

Protect Open Space

My record of protecting open space includes working to expand the Coast to Crest Trail as a member of the San Dieguito River Park Joint Powers Authority Board and opening three new parks in the City of Escondido. On the Board of Supervisors, I will be committed to ensuring the right balance of development and preservation that is needed to maintain our region’s unique quality of life.

Keep our Air and Water Clean

Access to clean water and clear air is crucial for our long-term health. For more than a decade in public office, I have fought to advance progressive policies to reduce storm water pollution, reduce air pollution, ensure clean drinking water, and protect the local habitat. I helped lead efforts to restore the Escondido Creek Watershed, reduce city-owned vehicle fuel usage, and implement Escondido’s innovative water recycling program. As County Supervisor, I will work to ensure storm water quality standards are improved through out our watersheds and work to improve air quality for all.

Expand Affordable Healthcare for All

Money should not be the determining factor in someone’s health. In addition to extending Medicare coverage for all and creating a single-payer system in California, we have a responsibility to support access to actual health care, not just health insurance. As a County Supervisor, I will work to add 24-hour health clinics and increase low-to-no cost access to basic health care.

Create Feasible Transportation Alternatives

Affordable alternatives to driving will reduce carbon emissions and congestion, improving the quality of life in our county. In addition to supporting SANDAG’s vision of connecting mass transit hubs, we should target existing commute patterns with funding for transit options that connect multiple modes of transportation to alleviate traffic. It’s also vital to recognize that some communities have been disproportionately harmed by greater levels of pollution, and we should prioritize efforts that will reduce emissions in these areas.

Support Veterans

San Diego has a uniquely large population of veterans and active duty service members. These brave people fight for our freedoms, and often come back to experience lack of basic social and professional resources to seamlessly integrate back into society. This is unacceptable. The County has an Office of Veterans Affairs and resources to invest in our veteran population. I look forward to joining the County Board of Supervisors to be an active listener and problem solver for our service members.